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Degrassi Season 1 on DVD

I shelled out the money for Degrassi Season 1 on DVD. Cool times! I got the last copy at Borders at the Kingston Mall. It was the only place in that mall that had it. I went to FYE and the lady there was a bitch and she didnt even know what Degrassi was(that wasnt what made her a bitch, her attitude made her a bitch). It was $50 but well worth it. And if any of you dont have it, it is the Canadian version, meaning it is not the-n's edited version. As in, the posters in the bathrooms arent blurred out and there's little scenes/dialogue here and there that the-n edited out. I hope season 2 comes out soon! It was $50 well spent. :-) Anyone else here buy it yet?
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